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[*]For all pics Ianto Jones (or Gareth David-Lloyd) based. Pictures should be larger than 100x100 pixels in size.

[*]We're not an icon/banner community, sorry; there are plenty of other comms for that!

[*]All pictures should be hidden behind (a fairly discriptive) lj-cut (<lj-cut text="Ianto caps from 1x06">). And only posts with pictures are allowed here, folks, please. No spam!


[*]Par example: Season 3 Torchwood pics with no warnings will be deleted without a comment. Please so not spoil people, it's just damn rude... and this is a happy place! :D

[*]If there is another comm out there like this, let me know (perhaps we could work together)! I've not found one, which is why I've set this up.

[*]If there isn't a picture posted daily by myself, feel free to post and share in the love.

{**}You may post as you like, but the moderators reserve the right to delete posts that go against the comm rules.

[*]This community is not intened to intrude on Gareth's privacy (anyone caught posting pictures of such nature will be reported swiftly) or to infringe on copyright laws. We makea no moneyz, we just have fun!

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